Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's in a name?

Many of the dainty elegant flowers, so called lily, are in fact not true lily ...
A true lily belongs to the family Liliaceae ...

Lets check out the family of the so-called lilies ...
# Daylily - Hemerocallidaceae
# Peace lily - Araceae
# Calla lily - Araceae
# Canna lily - Cannaceae
# Lily of the Nile - Agapanthus
# Lily of the Valley - Ruscaceae
# Amaryllis - Amaryllidaceae
# Kaffir Lily - Amaryllidaceae

So none of the above are true lilies ...

True lilies belong to the genus Lilium. They grow from bulbs made of fleshy, overlapping scales with no protective covering. True lilies have stiff stems with relatively narrow strap like leaves from top to bottom. Large, showy flowers develop at the tip of each stem. These flowers may be trumpet-shaped, bowl shaped, or bell shaped. They may nod downwards, face outwards, or turn upwards. They come in a wide variety of colors and some may also be delightfully fragrant.

There are three main types of lilies: Asiatic, Oriental and Aurelians [trumpet lilies]... and then there's a fourth subgroup of "hybrids".

Some very popular true lilies are:
Stargazer [crimson-red] - Oriental lily
Casa Blanca [pure white] - Oriental
Enchantment [orange] - Asiatic
Easter lily [white trumpet shaped] - Trumpet Lily

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